Urban twist

    The Big City Type   I woke up in a big city apartment Rode to a big city job On a big city subway With hip, big city people Worked at a big city job In a big city skyscraper Stood in a big city line For lunch, heard big city jazz On […]

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In Transit

Marvellous Travel I travel with my eyes, Watching those silently cry, Asking themselves the question why, Someone left them without saying goodbye; I travel with my thoughts, I travel with my pen; To write about children, women and men; I travel with my voice, I travel with my hope, That something new, would spring into […]

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Savoy Hotel was opened in 1889 as the first luxury hotel in Britain, it is considered to be London’s most famous hotel. After two weeks of email correspondence and a telephone call to the hotel’s press office, Savoy’s management refused me the right to take any pictures inside the building, even using my discrete compact […]

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